Sunday, May 16, 2010

A real life Panda Bear...


How exciting for all the children, we got to visit the Beijing Zoo and see a real life Panda Bear.

The animal is such an amazing creature and so strong. There was an indoor viewing area but it was so crowded, but we got to see some really cool views from the outside too. The big one, which I think they said was a baby-child (they must be wrong on that, because that is one big baby), was sleeping on a platform. It was so wonderful to see the strength in this animal just by its breathing. If you looked slowly, you could see the post and the platform moving as the animal was breathing heavily. The next Panda that is seating was having a lunch of Bamboo. It was really cool to see the animal just break the strong wood like it was spaghetti. Unfortunately, Lana fell asleep and did not get to see much of the Pandas but Nyah really enjoyed it.

We then got to go visit other parts of the zoo. It was really busy and very hot, so we could not see as much as we would have liked too. Lana enjoyed the tigers also because she recognizes the large animal as a Cat and she does the sign of Cat, by taking her hands and making whiskers and saying “meow”

Then we were off to see the elephants, this is one of my favorite animals. I love how large and smart they seem but yet they seem so gentle. Lana was intrigued by their large size. I can’t wait to take her to the African Lion Safari. .

Come again soon for an update on our trip memorable trip to the Great Wall...
Dina, Marc, Nyah and Lana

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  1. Dear Dina, Marc, Nyah and Lana,
    Don't know if this email will reach you but we have really been enjoying your postings of your trip. Nyah seems to be so happy to have a little sister. Lana is so beautiful and smart! I enjoyed your story of her saying Meow for Cat - actually, did you know that the word for cat in Chinese is actually the word "mow"(pronounced m - ow (as in ouch) - Lana was probably not making the sound the cat makes but teaching you the word for "cat"! You'll have your very own Chinese tutor when you get home!
    Don't worry if Lana is not smiling so much or using facial expressions - we remember Islay wouldn't even smile for the first 9 days- not wanting to reveal any emotion to us - I think that is a sign of great intelligence. She is playing it safe! It's a big new experience for her - just getting out and seeing the world. Probably the hotel room is more familiar to her so she is more relaxed.
    Georgia and Islay can't wait to see her. Keep posting as many pictures as you can - we never get tired of them!
    David, Cath, Caithlin, Georgia and Islay