Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss Hola Hola Girl

This is so cute and funny... Nyah has recently (like yesterday) taken up hola hooping and she is loving it. At our visit to Canadian Tire, she found this hola hoop and she just tried it and was doing great... But then we found out the hoop was like $8.99. Isn't that crazy, I remember it being so much cheaper as a kid and Marc didn't want to pay that much for it. So I remembered some money that Taunt Ingrid sent Nyah at Easter that she still had...

So after I reminded her about the money and told her she could get she was so excited. Although, I had to go over the concept of me paying for it now and when we get home she will pay me back...

This has backfired on me before, so we need to understand that one ;-)


Well here she is! I hope you Enjoy!

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