Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More of Lana

This was yesterday morning... Lana really enjoys coloring and playing with the crayons. Her coloring has gotten better day by day, it is so amazing. Interestly, she has started to break the crayons in half and give half to Nyah. What a great sharer... I guess :)

In this picture she is so serious, which is her natures so far, but she loves to play and laugh too. She is simular to Nyah with her serious side, so far...

This is a picture of the new sisters. Nyah is so happy to have Lana here, and Lana seems to think Nyah is really amazing also.

Finally, we have a picture of the new Baba and his new gal. Lana is now getting tired here, but she normally smiles with her Daddy.

On our trip to the market to get a few things, we came across this entertainer and his little friends. It was really neat to see although sad. The crowd around thought it was something.

Today, we finally got to go and have some fun with the kids outside of the hotel. We went to a local park. Lana was so interested in the bubbles and she really enjoyed it. Although today she has been quite down, I guess her new world is starting to sink in. But once we got back to the room, she was so happy and playing, she even enjoyed a pony ride on Daddy...

This place is a very important place for Lana's history. This is the location that she was found at. It was outide of a noodle restaurant. At somepoint this place and the surrounding may be very important to her. We are glad we could come and see this place, if only for a few minutes.