Sunday, May 16, 2010

A real life Panda Bear...


How exciting for all the children, we got to visit the Beijing Zoo and see a real life Panda Bear.

The animal is such an amazing creature and so strong. There was an indoor viewing area but it was so crowded, but we got to see some really cool views from the outside too. The big one, which I think they said was a baby-child (they must be wrong on that, because that is one big baby), was sleeping on a platform. It was so wonderful to see the strength in this animal just by its breathing. If you looked slowly, you could see the post and the platform moving as the animal was breathing heavily. The next Panda that is seating was having a lunch of Bamboo. It was really cool to see the animal just break the strong wood like it was spaghetti. Unfortunately, Lana fell asleep and did not get to see much of the Pandas but Nyah really enjoyed it.

We then got to go visit other parts of the zoo. It was really busy and very hot, so we could not see as much as we would have liked too. Lana enjoyed the tigers also because she recognizes the large animal as a Cat and she does the sign of Cat, by taking her hands and making whiskers and saying “meow”

Then we were off to see the elephants, this is one of my favorite animals. I love how large and smart they seem but yet they seem so gentle. Lana was intrigued by their large size. I can’t wait to take her to the African Lion Safari. .

Come again soon for an update on our trip memorable trip to the Great Wall...
Dina, Marc, Nyah and Lana

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More sites from Ningxia...

These pictures are from our last days in Yinchuan and this is a rare picture of Lana smiling on the bus. We found as the days pasted, when we were in the bus taking adventures, she would get more reserved, but be happy in the room at the hotel.

Thiese pictures are from our trip to a very old historical site - Western Xia Tombs. Which is like 900 hundred years old and are eastern foot of Helan Mountain. There was alot of history conveying the battle of the minorities and China. The pictures does not show it but the backdrop of the tombs are the mountains that boarder China nad Inner Mongolia... You can read more information at this site -

Well we are back in Beijing and are heding to dinner soon, an dI just realized Ya Qi is writing on her hands and face with her pen...
Sorry more later got to run...
Dina, Marc, Nyah and Lana.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here is a little song from Lana...

Here is a little song from Lana...

While we were doing paper work the other day, one of the workers had Lana sing a little song for us. It was such a great treat to see her sing and do all the actions. I hope you enjoy....


More of Lana

This was yesterday morning... Lana really enjoys coloring and playing with the crayons. Her coloring has gotten better day by day, it is so amazing. Interestly, she has started to break the crayons in half and give half to Nyah. What a great sharer... I guess :)

In this picture she is so serious, which is her natures so far, but she loves to play and laugh too. She is simular to Nyah with her serious side, so far...

This is a picture of the new sisters. Nyah is so happy to have Lana here, and Lana seems to think Nyah is really amazing also.

Finally, we have a picture of the new Baba and his new gal. Lana is now getting tired here, but she normally smiles with her Daddy.

On our trip to the market to get a few things, we came across this entertainer and his little friends. It was really neat to see although sad. The crowd around thought it was something.

Today, we finally got to go and have some fun with the kids outside of the hotel. We went to a local park. Lana was so interested in the bubbles and she really enjoyed it. Although today she has been quite down, I guess her new world is starting to sink in. But once we got back to the room, she was so happy and playing, she even enjoyed a pony ride on Daddy...

This place is a very important place for Lana's history. This is the location that she was found at. It was outide of a noodle restaurant. At somepoint this place and the surrounding may be very important to her. We are glad we could come and see this place, if only for a few minutes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is the face of a very excited big sister as we make our way from the airport to get Lana (Ya Qi). So far it has been a very long day.

This is the walk of a big sister about to get her new Mei Mei. Life is so exciting for us all. Nyah was so excited to meet Lana. She is proudly walking in with her new stuffy for Lana.

Finally we have her and she is just so beautiful and full of life. She was a bit scared at the beginning but she did not cry. She came to us fairly easy and is very proud that she has a Jie Jie of her own. She has been attached to Nyah at the hip.
This is a group photo at the orphanage. The man standing next to Marc & I is the director and on the other side of me, past the other man is the directors wife. Everyone was so happy for us and the girls. They gave me a gift so a very tradtional sheep skin scarf and necklace for Nyah and Lana. You could really feel the love from the workers for the girls. It was a very special day for everyone.

This is a photo of the Director and his wife. They was all so wonderful. I tried to tell them thank you for caring so much for Lana. The guide did the translating and of course I cried. the director seemed to be very compassionate and sincere about what we were feeling. It was very special and a great memory for me and something to share with Lana.

This is Lana back at the room with us. She is having fun exploring with paper and crayons and playing with Nyah. It was so funny. Nyah wanted to change into some new clothes and as soon as Lana saw that she really wanted something new too. And she was so proud and full of smiles to see her new clothes.

This is our first supper with Lana. The day was so long that we were just exhausted, that we had our dinner in the room. One thing I forgot to mention, LANA LOVES FOOD... ANY AND ALL FOOD... AND LOTS OF IT... AND LOTS OF WATER TOO. Yesterday I think she drank like 4 litres...
It seems that just in in our hotel room Lana has discovered a completely new world and facinated by every and all things from the bathtub to the dimmer switch for the lights... she was taking in everything that she possibly could. I guess we'll need to consider baby proofing our house when we get back.
Well we are off to dinner soon.
From Dina, Marc, Nyah & Lana

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We are here... Next stop Lana...

We have arrived. After a long 13+hours on an airplane, we are arrived in Beijing, China looking a bit haggard and tired but still running on adrenaline. The flight went wonderfully and although I worried, Nyah was a great little trooper. Thank goodness for the Air Canada plane with the fancy seats that has a TV at each seat... Nyah watched a lot of Treehouse and we played some Uno. She also did some sleeping.

Today we headed to a park that was so beautiful – what a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. The kids had fun and the weather was great.

Tomorrow we are off very early to get Lana… More to follow.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A new sister is a coming...

She is so precious and excited. Marc made this great t-shirt for Nyah and one for Lana. Nyah's says - Jie Jie - meaning big sister and Lana's says Mie Mie - meaning little sister. I think the girls are going to be so cute with these... Almost Kissable... Most defiantly KISSABLE. I mean who will be able to resist this pair...

And the packing begins...

Finally everything is finding a place. There is still lots to do, but now it has begun.

I actually had to fully reassess all the clothes I was taking because the weather is showing to be a bit cooler than I was originally planning for. So less capris and dresses for the girls, more leggings and jeans. But here is the beginning... More to follow once we are all packed... I wondering what would be good easy, portable, no mess snacks??? You all know me, I am pretty picky. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

An Artist in the making...

Last night Nyah's school had an open house and we were able to go in and see all her work and meeting with her teacher and friends for a bit. Nyah really enjoyed showing me everything and getting to hang out in the library.

As part of our special night the kids prepared a model of a village in their social studies program - Poulet de Village - with building, homes and parks. Nyah made the school and a bus along with many other items for their backyard. What a treat!

In the school gym there was a display of all the classes art projects. Nyah class featured art with tissue and metallic. Here is a picture of Nyah and her art... Her master piece is the blue/green earth with the bright metallic sun.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Miss Hola Hola Girl

This is so cute and funny... Nyah has recently (like yesterday) taken up hola hooping and she is loving it. At our visit to Canadian Tire, she found this hola hoop and she just tried it and was doing great... But then we found out the hoop was like $8.99. Isn't that crazy, I remember it being so much cheaper as a kid and Marc didn't want to pay that much for it. So I remembered some money that Taunt Ingrid sent Nyah at Easter that she still had...

So after I reminded her about the money and told her she could get she was so excited. Although, I had to go over the concept of me paying for it now and when we get home she will pay me back...

This has backfired on me before, so we need to understand that one ;-)


Well here she is! I hope you Enjoy!